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Encountering by Kelsey Carter

Torben’s choking on regrets and desperate to re-start his career. Serena is the confident young doctor in charge of the clinic, Torben's new boss. When their feelings start raging, will the claws come out? Torben hates everything about himself. Grieving for his murdered family and lost career, the skilled cardiologist reluctantly accepts a position back on the reservation his grandfather “rescued” him from nearly 30 years before. Torben knows life has to go on after three years of mourning. But the grumpy bear shifter’s attempt to find healing and a place to belong goes terribly wrong when it turns out the young woman he’s been ogling and saying rude things to is his boss. Serena Moonbear can’t stand her new employee. It’s taking all the compassionate doctor’s patience to give her ticking time bomb of a coworker enough space to regulate his emotions. It doesn’t help that his colossal ego comes paired with an incredibly handsome face. Hiding his inner beast for fear it will make the lovely woman run for the hills, Torben clings to the glimmer of hope their growing chemistry has sparked. As Serena learns how to deal with the ill-tempered physician, her interest in getting naked with him starts to grow. Will they tally up their fiery symptoms and diagnose true passion? Encountering is the immersive first book in the Bear Ascending paranormal romance series. If you like flawed hand grumpy heroes, humorous misunderstandings, and journeys of healing through the power of love, then you won't want to miss Kelsey Carter’s steamy tale of fated mates who move from enemies to lovers. Buy Encountering and watch Torben roar with desire today! Sensuality Rating Some sensual scenes, thoughts, topics, and language which sensitive readers may find offensive. Note to the Reader About Cliff-hangers The Bear Ascending series is made up of 4 books, with a cliff-hanger ending in each of the first three, and a stunning conclusion to the series at the end of the fourth. Readers who are not fond of cliff-hangers can read at their own discretion. About the Author Kelsey Carter is a paranormal romance writer, and the author of the Reconnected series, the Alpha Ascending series, the Hawk Ascending series, the Bear Ascending series, the Prince Ascending Series, the Justice Ascending series, The Darkest Kisses series and the Polar Pleasures series. In her spare time, she works with a range of charities, including animal rescue. About the Bear Ascending Series The saga of the Moonbear sisters, their local werewolf pack, and the secrets they all hide continues as Torben Bearhardt, the new doctor on the reservation, starts to face the truth about his past, and his inner powers, with the help of his colleague, the lovely Serena Moonbear. Torben hates being bear. Daring to reveal his true self has always had the most dire consequences. Torben's tragic past and struggles as a shape-shifting bear make him feel as if he'll never find love and happiness. Only by accepting hi
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