Emily’s Secret Dom
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Emily’s Secret Dom by Lacey Cross

Will Emily’s newly awakened submissive desires make temptation more than she can resist? Emily My life is boring and at 35 I assume this is as good as it's going to get. I have a loving, if passionless, husband and I know I should be grateful for all my blessings until a chance encounter in an online game introduces me to Aiden. Aiden's dom side takes control and thrills me like no man has before. I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself and I tumble into an online cheating affair. Aiden isn't like other guys. He recognizes I'm submissive and temps me with an offer I should refuse. Aiden Emily, Already you know I have an effect on you. As you listen to this, I know you’re squirming, maybe even wanting to touch yourself. You’re wondering just what serving me would be like. So I’m going to make you an offer. I will give you what you need, even though you don’t know what that is yet. I will teach you to serve, teach you to be obedient, teach you to do as your Sir tells you. And in return, all I ask for is your total surrender to me. So if you want me to be your Dom, all you have to do is reply. And say “Yes Sir.” Nate When I hear my wife touching herself to a voice message from another guy, it arouses me and I hate that it does. Then my wife calls out another guy's name in bed. What am I going to do? Journey with Emily, Nate, and Aiden in this BDSM dark romance that travels a twisted path as three people explore the consequences of cheating and work towards an unconventional happily ever after. This short story of about 7,000 words contains graphic depictions of sex between consenting adults and features elements of infidelity, online cheating, cuckold, and BDSM. Reader discretion advised.
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