Elder Wolf
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Elder Wolf by Scarlett Grove

Rancher Austin Wilde is the eldest wolf of the family pack. As Alpha, his brothers count on him to be the first to find his mate and start a family. But Austin is haunted by the memory of his childhood sweetheart who died long ago. He’s held a candle for her all these years, but for the sake of his family, he decides its time to let her go. Cheyenne Bailey has worked for decades to climb the corporate ladder just to hit the glass ceiling. All Cheyenne has ever really wanted was a family of her own, but she’s never been able to get over the boy she’d loved since kindergarten. When Austin is matched with Cheyenne on a shifter dating app, he can’t believe his first love has come back to life. But soon he discovers the sinister plot behind Cheyenne’s disappearance from Fate Rock. Can Austin and Cheyenne find their second chance, or will the wounds of the past keep them apart forever?
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