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Drannor by Sapphire Lebesque

AI FREE! 100% author-created content in this book and in the series. Who will Drannor save, his new wife or his king? What sacrifices will he make to protect all he holds dear? The battle for survival begins when Drannor is tasked with defending Nightshade Hall from the belligerent goblin king Slovrax. As Lord Nightshade's dedicated right-hand man, Drannor must rely on his unwavering loyalty and honed skills to protect the Hall and its new brides, no matter the cost, but when the goblins threaten both his lordship and Drannor's wife, who will he save? Both losses mean devastating consequences. Does he make the right call? Set in the autumn land of noble values and ancient traditions, Drannor must fight against the green plague of goblins, a relentless force that threatens to tear his world apart. If you enjoyed the high-stakes adventure of The Lord of the Rings, you'll be sure to love the life-or-death tale of Drannor, Book 4 in the Dark Forest Dryad series. Buy it now before the price changes! Dark Forest Dryad Series Book 0, Origin Story, Tells of the mystical origins of the tree spirit, Leuce. Prequel. FREE on Amazon.com Book 1, Devastation, Introduces underconfident 19-yo old Lucy and her struggle with her unloving family as Gran tells her she is descended from a tree spirit. Tumbling into adulthood and buffeted by stormy romance, she tries to form a stable relationship. Book 2, Renewal, Follows Lucy’s confused relationships with Cardew and Terrance. Having tried to undo the disastrous consequences of the spell she cast, she’s forced to make a devastating choice. Book 3, Resurgence, Lucy trespasses into the world of the autumn court where the dark fae lord holds sway. He’s looking for a bride and he wants her. Book 4, Drannor, Who will Drannor save, his new wife or his king? What sacrifices will he make to protect all he holds dear? Book 5, Lady Nightshade, She gave up everything to win his love. Now she must fight to keep him. Book 6, The Curse of Nightshade Hall, Who laid the curse and why? Book 6 completes the series. For now. (Coming 2024) Genre: Fantasy Romance, Fae Romance, Dark Fantasy, New Adult, High Fantasy, Trigger Warning: This is a work of fiction. This story contains graphic war & gore in hand-to-hand fighting, mention of violence against women, mention of substance abuse and open door M/F intimacy. If such content distresses or offends you, don't read this book. ♥ If you like romantic tension and rivalry set in life-or-death war situations, you'll love Drannor, Dark Forest Dryad, Book 4.♥ Buy it now!
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