Dragon’s Fear (Sons of Pendragon Book 5)
When the man who brought Roane Pendragon to the modern time and raised him as a son sends a woman in need of protection, what is Roane to do? Well, one thing he shouldn’t do is sleep with her. Caitlin McGregor is the latest in a centuries-long line of Sword Maidens. She is the Keeper of Roane’s sword. Now, both she and Roane are targets on the radar of the evil sorceress, Morgause. Morgause needs to stop Roane from using his sword to turn his key. The easiest way is to stop Cait from giving it to him in the first place. If Morgause can get her hands on it before Roane, not only will her lover, Mordred be released, but so will a creature powerful enough to subjugate multiple universes. Will Cait give Roane the sword before Morgause stops her? Will Roane be able to use it to do his part to lock away the evil creature? Will Cait and Roane have any chance for a happy-ever-after?
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