Dr. Off Limits
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Dr. Off Limits by Louise Bay

Dr. Off Limits? I have a fever and I think you might be the medicine I need. I’ve sworn off men to focus on my dream job that starts on Monday. But my best friend talks me into a final night of fun—a blind date. I only agree because the guy is going to work as a doctor in Africa. It’s the best date of my life. Dr. Africa makes me laugh and swoon and I want to give him a thorough physical examination. He turns into Dr. One Night Stand, and I’m not sad about it. Monday morning, I’m enthusiastic and excited, until I bump into . . . you guessed it. Apparently Dr. Africa got his brother to fill in on our date, and now I work at the same hospital as the guy I got naked with on Saturday. Did I mention he’s my new boss? I need to go right to the Emergency Room and find a cure for my crush on Dr. Off Limits.
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