Double Guys Double Drama
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Double Guys Double Drama by Roxanne Riley

What do you get when one curvy lady gets two (or more!) gorgeous guys all to herself? A heaping helping of HOT reverse harem fun! Deal Breaker: When Anna gets dragged out to a local rock show by her BFF, she's expecting some overpriced drinks and bad music. Instead, she ends up finding an electric connection with four hot rock stars! She's got no idea which one to choose...but will she have to? Discovered: Serena's stage fright always kept her from pursuing her dreams, but when a drunken karaoke video goes viral, suddenly she's thrust into superstardom: as the replacement singer for her all-time favorite band! But the boys in the band want her in more ways than one; can they work out their jealousy before everything falls apart? Double the Luck: Keenan and Rowan pack up and leave their lives in Ireland behind when they unexpectedly inherit an old family ranch. And when their stunningly beautiful new neighbor, Delia, drops in with a homemade pie, they both want her. But this feisty brunette filly seems to have no interest in being corralled by just one of them. In fact, she seems to take them both for a little ride... Triple the Luck: Barry, Cillian, and Seamus are Irish through and through. They'd never even been to Texas, until a land dispute brought them here. When they meet smoking hot Lucy, who lives next door to the property they're trying to develop into a dude ranch, she offers to sell them a portion of her land to help develop as well. But they have a different kind of offer for her. The want to share not only her land, but also her body and her heart. Four Times the Luck: Gina can't stand the Byrne brothers. They're smug, arrogant jerks, and the fact that they're all ridiculously attractive only makes her hate them more. They seem to deeply enjoy riling her up, until they finally push her too far and see the fiery side hiding under her Ice Queen façade. But when fire meets ice...things get steamy. They might be happy to share her body, but can the four brothers melt her heart for good? Just My Luck: One wild and magical night brought Chris and James into Molly's life. And now, six years later, they've turned it upside down again. Being in their arms again feels like home. But can she give up everything she's ever known to be with them both? Double Guys Double Drama is a menage and reverse harem romance collection containing three scorching hot standalone romance reads with high heat MFM/MFMM scenes. (No swords crossing in this collection!) The titles of the stories included are listed above and they contain no cliffhangers and no cheating, but they do all feature a very happily ever after and lots of steam.
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