Doctor Daddy Dilemma: An Age Gap, Secret Baby, Medical Romance (Forbidden Doctors)
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"I had his secret baby three years ago. Now, I'm pregnant again." His piercing blue eyes lock onto mine, and my heart skips a beat. Three years ago, I fled the mile-high club with a secret cradled in my arms. Dr. Alexander Hartman, the silver fox surgeon with a smile as fake as his implants, thought he owned me.. But love was a botched surgery, and I took the biggest souvenir - his child. Now, I’m in my studio, preparing for another show, when he walks in. Lex. The man from my past and the father of my child. Sparks reignite, hotter than the lasers he wields, and I'm juggling a new secret: another bun in the oven. Deja vu with a positive test. Before I can confess, his eyes snag the photo on my desk. A tiny face, a perfect blend of mine and Lex's. "Is this...?" Lex's voice cracks, his hand hovering over the picture.
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