Desert Dreams : A Sweet Western Historical Romance (Harvey Girls Romance Series Book 1)
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What if your parents told you that you needed to either marry a man of their choice or leave home and make your own way?

Lizzy grew up on a farm in Kansas as the oldest child of eight children. She spent her days caring for her siblings and working on the farm. One hot summer day, her parents gave her an ultimatum; marry a man her father chose for her or move out.

Not wanting to marry a man who is almost as old as her father and knowing she was just another mouth to feed, she decides to apply for the position to be a waitress with the Fred Harvey Company, who owned many fine eating establishments along railroad lines, including the Santa Fe Railroads. Three years later, Lizzy is still working as a Harvey Girl and enjoying her new life and her job at the El Tovar Hotel near the Grand Canyon.

Then her life is about to drastically change once again when she meets widower Nicholas Montgomery and his two young sons.

Will they both be able to put their pasts aside and admit their love for each other?

If you like Sweet Historical Western Romances, you’ll love this series!

This book absolutely transported me away. J. Forrest

This was an excellent story that was well written. Gewe

Zoe Matthews tells fun, clean stories about people in difficult circumstances who find happily ever afters. Kindle Customer

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