Defy You: A Brother’s Best Friend/Age Gap Romance (Rebel Ink Book 3)
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I hated her defiance...

But it made me want her even more.

Her brother was my friend... and my boss. She was off limits.

Kassie Fox.

From the first moment she looked in my direction, I knew she would be mine.

It's impossible to stay away.

I'm breaking all the rules... and shattering the golden rule I live by.

Never trust a woman. Ever.

The more she pushes, the more I pull. We're the same. I know what she needs.

And I'm about to prove that she can trust one man. Her man. Me.

Will her defiance land her in my bed or out of my life for good?

Dear reader,

Defy You is a steamy and emotional forbidden brother's best friend romance and is the third book in the Rebel Ink series.

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