Deep Into the Night

Deep Into the Night by Tracie Ingersoll Loy

In this romantic suspense thriller, Special Investigation Agent Jack Wyatt returns to Hartz Island in Washington State's San Juan Islands, enlisting the aid of his former Navy SEAL boss, Kip Hendricks and his Canadian counter-part Dan Johnson. Jack is convinced the increase in human trafficking in Seattle and on the west coast is being routed through the San Juan Islands from Victoria, British Columbia. All arrows point to Rob Armstrong, who is not on Hartz Island to write the great American novel, like he claims. On the run from her Russian mob boyfriend and his ruthless associates, actress Cassie Ryan narrowly escapes Los Angeles and knows of only one place to hide - Hartz Island, her childhood summer home. As the island's amateur sleuth and savior of souls, psychic Montana Worthington continues to interfere with ongoing investigations. She is convinced the minister's wife and her dalliance, Rob Armstrong, are in dire need of saving before catastrophe strikes. DEEP INTO the NIGHT is book 2 of the Hartz Island romantic mystery series.

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