Dear Ava: Enemies-to-Lovers Standalone Romance
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*Washington Post Bestseller
"One of the most beloved romances of 2020." 
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WSJ bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills delivers a gripping, enemies-to-lovers, secret admirer, high school romance.

The rich and popular Sharks rule at prestigious, ivy-covered Camden Prep. Once upon a time, I wanted to be part of their world—until they destroyed me.
The last thing I expected was an anonymous love letter from one of them.

Please. I hate every one of those rich jerks for what they did to me.
The question is, which Shark is my secret admirer?
Knox, the scarred quarterback. Dane, his twin brother. Or Chance, the ex who dumped me. . .

Dear Ava, Your eyes are the color of the Caribbean Sea. Wait. That’s stupid.
What I really mean is, you look at me and I feel something REAL.
It’s been ten months since you were here, but I can’t forget you.
I’ve missed seeing you walk down the hall.
I’ve missed you cheering at my football games.
I’ve missed the smell of your hair.
And then everything fell apart the night of the kegger.
Don’t hate me because I’m a Shark.
I just want to make you mine.

“A gut punch right in the feels. These characters wreck you. It’s a deep storyline, with such tender, beautiful, unbelievably perfect romance. Gah. I. Am. Wowed. Five Stars!” ~Angie’s Dreamy Reads

Not part of any other series. Dark High School Romance. Recommended for 18+.

*A short excerpt of Dear Ava appeared in Team Player 2. (No longer available)
*This all-new, full-length version is 372 pages and 100,000 words.


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