Dating The Enemy
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Dating The Enemy by Kristin King


He's a billionaire by birthright, but a jerk by choice. 

We spend our days battling each other on the opposite side of the courtroom. And now... he's my blind date. What else could possibly go wrong?
...Apparently, I shouldn't have asked.

When I find myself, sitting across the table from my blind date, who just so happens to be my enemy dressed in a skimpy dress that's begging to be torn off with my teeth, I begin to wonder...if I'm cursed to only be attracted unavailable women.

When I'm told that I am to marry, I do the stupidest thing possible, and snatch Charlotte by her irresistible waist, claiming she is my fiancé. Now we are both stuck, pretending to be in a relationship for the next year. She swears she hates me. Her body language tells a different story.

No matter how hard she tries to resist, she can't argue her way out of the Laws of Attraction.

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