Dark Promises
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Dark Promises by Sky McCoy

Daniel: “I had been searching for that one person who ignited and excited my darkest secrets. And I had many. I met no one I cared about who shared my desire for this life I led. These dark desires I held close and used often. I passed many men when I exited my building, our eyes locked, but my heart never skipped a beat. I knew then I had to find the one. And I did. He sauntered into my club, but I didn’t know if he was into men, and especially a man like me who carried dark secrets that fueled my dark passion, and at that moment, I didn’t care because I wanted him, and I always got what I wanted, because I was relentless and ruthless in my desires. His name was Cole." This is a three-part Dark MM Romance with second chance and HFN ending.
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