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Dagr by Sky Purington

Fated mates caught in a wicked love triangle... Maya always knew she was meant to travel through time to help humanity in some unknown way. She never anticipated straddling two worlds, caught between life and death. Moreover, that her only hope would be a Viking from the distant past she craves but can't have. A dragon prince with too dark a lineage. Determined to help Maya any way he can, Dagr Sigdir heads to the twenty-first century only to discover she's half immersed in Helheim, the Norse Underworld. Son to its ruler, Dagr's the only one who can free her from its dark hold. Or so he thinks until someone far more challenging than mere death stands in his way. His closest friend and brother-in-arms, Thorulf. Will Dagr be able to harness the power of Loki's dagger and free Maya from all that separates them? Claim the woman he desires above all others and risk losing kin? Find out as Dagr and Maya fight to find their way to each other in a mystical journey for the ages. A super-steamy adventure that must find Maya forged in fire with her fated dragon and mated for all eternity. The question is will she end up with the dragon who best suits her...or the one she truly wants?
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