Daddy’s Bodyguard: An Age-Gap Protector Romance
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RESISTING THE BIG, ROUGH BODYGUARD. Workaholic Sofia has just about sworn off men. They are nothing but distractions to her goal to sit on Congress. But when her father learns there’s a target on her back, he assigns a bodyguard, Jasper, to protect her. Protecting her from danger, he throws her small, lithe body over his shoulder like a caveman would and zips off with her into hiding. She absolutely hates this, him and the entire situation she’s in. Jasper struggles to keep his deepest secret hidden from her while they both get fake identity in order to remain hidden. But staying alive isn’t Sophia’s only problem. Living under the same roof with the big, rough Viking of a bodyguard whom Sofia is determined to hate, is proving much harder than she thinks. And a whole lot hotter.
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