Cursed with the Dragon Prince
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The clan needs me as their queen. During a storm at sea, I’m tossed overboard, and my family abandons me. Stranded, I wake on a beach of black sand, discovering I’m far from my human home and marooned on the Isles of Fae.

I’m found by a dragon fae, a powerful prince, who upon seeing me, is consumed by rage, chasing me into a dark cave.

Despite his terrifying strength, I learn he is as lonely as I am, and soon, he craves me as I lust for him. Except we remain divided, bound to the roles expected by his clan.

They call me the Blessed One. Their deity has cursed them for their king’s transgressions, but if I survive the rites of queenship—surrendering my future, risking my life—I can end their curse.

My family did abandon me. The offer is tempting.

Even if I survive these deadly rites, I’m still at the mercy of a disgruntled clan and their dragon prince.

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