Curse: A Novel
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Curse: A Novel by Christina Maraziotis

Standing on the shoulders of Haunt: A Novel, this powerful second entry in the Loveletting series will shock you, chapter after chapter. [HAUNT: A NOVEL] ✦ GOLD WINNER FOR GENERAL FICTION IN THE 2023 NEXT GENERATION INDIES AWARDS ✦ [HAUNT: A NOVEL] ✦ GOLD WINNER FOR ROMANCE IN THE 2023 FEATHERED QUILL BOOK AWARDS ✦ [HAUNT: A NOVEL] ✦ GOLD WINNER FOR ROMANCE IN THE 2023 BESTSELLERS WORLD AWARDS ✦ [HAUNT: A NOVEL] ✦ GOLD WINNER FOR ADULT FICTION IN THE 2023 LITERARY TITAN BOOK AWARDS ✦ [HAUNT: A NOVEL] ✦ ADULT FICTION FINALIST IN THE 2023 FEATHERED QUILL BOOK AWARDS ✦ [HAUNT: A NOVEL] ✦ CATEGORY FINALIST IN THE 2023 ERIC HOFFER BOOK AWARDS ✦ Love and despair are entangled in this story of circumstances pushing the boundaries of morality. A dense battlefield, both pure and grotesque. Grief, a concept yet unrevealed to Charlotte, now bound to fester within her; mind and soul. Supported by the hands of young and kindhearted Jesse McCoy, she bravely learns to find herself again in the midst of sorrow…only to lose herself further in the process. Morphing into a woman she could never recognize, as she crosses paths with dangerous new influences who hide the darkest of secrets. Devastation tests the will of the characters, as well as that of the reader, leading one to an all-important question…who can you trust? As a direct sequel to Haunt: A Novel, this is an immediate continuation of the story and not intended to be consumed on its own. If Haunt broached subjects or crossed boundaries that left you uncomfortable, you will find no respite within the pages of Curse...prepare yourself for a much deeper and darker dive into the haunting world of Loveletting.
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