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CRUEL PINK by Debra Anastasia

I’m just a girl, standing here, falling in love with my best friend’s older brother. Totally kidding. I’ve always been in love with Austin Burathon. Effortlessly cool. Wears nail polish. Flirts with everyone. When he rescues me in the middle of the night, I see a side of his life that I never knew about. I thought he had what I didn’t. Perfect homelife. Supportive parents. And he does, but he’s fighting a war in his apartment. Austin’s ex-boyfriend, Endgame, takes gaslighting seriously and thinks it defines love. Plus, he’s refusing to move out. Endgame wears pink when he plans on breaking Austin’s heart – and he does it often! He may wear pink, but he has me seeing red. I’m going to protect Austin, any way I can. I’ll do it over and over again, even if it means risking my own heart.
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