Crimson Throne
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Crimson Throne by Joline Pearce

Her realm teeters on the brink of destruction. One woman's battle to save her world—and her heart. I never imagined myself as a leader, much less amidst the chaos of war, but I’m thrust into this role when our queen vanishes without a trace. As I strive to defend our land against ruthless invaders, I cling to hope. There's just one person who can aid me in this quest, but he lies motionless within a concealed sanctuary. I thought I loved him once. Now, doubt casts a shadow over my heart—and our shared past. When a mysterious rescuer saves my life, I learn that our island holds a shocking secret. Tovian's tribe was believed lost to history—but they might be our last hope. Then, against all expectations, Lorcan awakens, forcing me to confront my failures. A shocking twist of fate compels me to fight for the future I desire, but in choosing Tovian, will I lose my tribal throne? Crimson Throne is the fourth enthralling chapter in an epic enemies-to-lovers, contemporary new adult fantasy romance. While its events intersect with the second book in this series, Crimson Throne can be enjoyed as a standalone adventure. Embark on the Fallen Realm journey today, and find your Happy Ever After with just one click!
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