Covert Mission: Agile Security & Rescue – Team Falcon Book 1

When her mission collides with his, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Former SEAL Lucas “Beast” Calder’s first mission leading Agile’s elite team was supposed to be straightforward: locate the missing woman.

Instead, he gets tangled up with a covert operative in the heart of an international disaster zone.

Everything about Camile forces him to confront his darkest demons. After the trauma of his past, he swore he’d never leave a woman in danger.

Now, Beast faces the toughest decision of his life. Honor his commitment to his team, or help a woman tangled in secrets who awakens forbidden desire.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. His honor, career, and the chance to help his brother who is grappling with PTSD hang in the balance.

But his feelings for the fledgling operative create chaos.

If he walks away, she might die, and he’ll lose the only person who’s made him believe in love.

Readers who love angsty suspense romances will find their next binge read with this HEA romance with protective military hero + off-limits + stuck together themes. 

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