Coming Home
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Coming Home by Julieann Dove

Thirty-five year old Abigail’s midlife crisis first appeared as an innocent trade in of her Ford Taurus for a two seater BMW. Then she resigned as lead prosecutor and took a job at Patty Cakes Bakery heating cinnamon buns. But no one was more shocked at her behavior than her fiancé, Joe Batista, when she gave back his engagement ring without a reason why. They say your past always catches up to you and one day Abigail’s past showed up on her porch wearing Converse shoes and holding an old picture of her and her high school sweetheart, Ryan Jameson. Tessa Snow had traveled from Florida to Maine to meet her biological mother and the next stop was Boone, Texas to meet her dad, the guy in the picture. Ryan Jameson, as fate would have it, just returned home and was settling in as the most eligible doctor at Mercer Hospital. He hadn’t seen Abigail in 18 years, when she disappeared with her parents without as much as a text message saying goodbye. It was a good thing Abigail got fired on day three of her bakery job, because she had to make it to Texas before Tessa, in order to tell Ryan the reason she left was because she was pregnant. But when she got there, it was harder than she thought; their chemistry together had grown stronger. And nothing would kill it faster than the truth about Tessa Snow.
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