Climbing to Believe
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Climbing to Believe by F.A. Ray

“You’re going to be the death of me.” “Then I better make it worth it.” Ty never thought he’d get the chance to sleep with his biggest climbing idol, but when the opportunity to ride his rock hard body presents itself, he’s more than ready to climb on. Elijah Reed is older, experienced and built like a boulder. Just like a boulder, Ty wants to climb all over him. But it’s not just the older man’s chiseled physique that has Ty’s stomach in knots; Ty has idolized Elijah ever since he came out publicly during a time when Ty was still searching for his own place in the sport as a queer, half-Black climber. They say to never meet your heroes, but now that Ty has gotten to spend time with Elijah one-on-one, he’s so much more than an idol. He’s smart, kind, encouraging, and understands Ty in a way few other climbers can. From the very first meeting, Ty is hopelessly drawn to this man, and even a mountain couldn’t get in his way now. They could have it all – climbing, each other, even a relationship. That is, if Elijah will let Ty in. Climbing to Believe is a high heat, low angst MM sports romance with an age gap, rock climbing adventures, an idol/fan dynamic, spicy open door scenes and a HEA.
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