Christmas with Daddy’s Best Friends
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When I had a foursome with my father’s best friends, the last thing I expected for the holidays was to fall in love… with all three men. I’m not the kind of girl who ends up in bed with three men. Much less, pregnant with a baby from one of them. My dad’s best friends are totally off-limits, and I don’t think I can ever pick between the three gorgeous, older silver foxes. Cilian has the looks, the charm, and the Irish accent of my dreams. I’ve always liked him, but I resisted my forbidden crush because I’m afraid Cilian’s money comes from a dangerous career. Luke is a Texan business tycoon who let loose in a way I never expected he would with me that night. But you know what they say about handsome cowboys? That they will never settle down. Zachary is the irresistible older single dad who impresses me with his caring, kind attitude. But I know for a fact just how wild he can get when the curtains are shut. Now, we’re snowed in… with my father, who has no idea one of his best friends has knocked me up. The real question is, how do I pick just one baby daddy? Because all of them are determined to win my heart and my new family, and they aren’t willing to share… or are they?
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