Charming Cruel Boys: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Lies & Secrets Duet Book 1)
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My goal for senior year of high school was easy. Ace all of my classes, keep my head down, and flee this town the second I had the chance. I wanted to escape to some college across the country, a sanctuary away from my hateful father and far away from the boy who shattered my heart. But when my father announces his surprise engagement during an already unbearable dinner, all my dreams are instantly reduced to ashes. Looks like my ex and his twin are moving in. Suddenly, my life is filled with disarming smiles, cutting remarks, and a whole lot of tension. I'm torn in two different directions with nowhere else to run. Duke with his soft, pleading eyes and comforting words that threaten to draw me right back in. Knight with so much pain and anger fueling him, yet a softer side that I long to figure out. Senior year won't be as simple as I planned. To make matters worse, a dangerous secret lurks in the dark — one that someone has gone to great lengths to bury. With time running out and shadows haunting us around every corner, I don't think I'll survive until graduation.
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