Charmed by the Mafia
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Charmed by the Mafia by Ava Gray

Only a billionaire mafia could think he could escape death. I’m his heart specialist, and he’s the patient I absolutely can’t resist. So, when he called me his girlfriend to please his family, I could only nod in agreement. Giovanni might be my forbidden patient and fake lover… But I have real dreams about him taking my V-card. Soon, these dreams would turn into nightmares. His life is filled with danger. And mine feels heavier now that I’m carrying the burden of his secrets. Giovanni only has a few months left to live if we fail at treating him. But I may not even have that much time remaining. Giovanni will have to find a way to save my life from his own people. Especially now that I’m carrying the child, he’d never want to lose… Charmed by the Mafia is the fifth full-length novel in The Billionaire Mafia dark romance series. Grab now for your spicy dose of arranged marriage surprise pregnancy mafia romance!
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