Catching Quinn
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Catching Quinn by Jennifer Bonds

What’s a girl have to do to lose her virginity around here? When I decided to ditch my V-card, I figured Greek Row was a sure thing. I didn’t count on Cooper-the-cockblocking-jockhole-DeLaurentis or his misguided sense of bro code putting an embarrassing end to my hookup. After all, Waverly’s star wide receiver is the most notorious player on campus. He’s arrogant. Infuriating. Sexy as hell. Just ask him. Worse? He’s made it his personal mission to scare off every guy who shows an interest in me. But I’m not about to be outwitted by a hypocritical baller with more ego than sense. I may be a hot mess, but I’m no pushover. Two can play this game, and I’m playing to win. Catching Quinn is a spicy enemies-to-lovers new adult college sports romance featuring an epic meet-hate, brother’s friend, and a swoonworthy HEA.
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