Casey’s Secrets
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Casey’s Secrets by Ophelia Bell

Max has been Casey’s hero for years, ever since marrying Casey’s mother. His only flaw is how rigid he is about the rules as long as Casey still lives at home. After missing curfew one night, he won’t let her off lightly. She must choose between being grounded for the summer, or enduring a single spanking that will free her to enjoy her vacation. Casey makes her choice, but neither she nor Max are prepared for the domino effect a few smacks to her backside will have, or the dark secrets that will be revealed as a result. Max's past comes back to haunt him in a big way. Casey is a handful, but his old life as part of a two-man team of Doms provides the perfect skills to handle the curious, headstrong young woman with a taste for the taboo, and he and his best friend Rick are the perfect men to give Casey guidance and help her safely explore her dark cravings. But when Max betrays her and Rick refuses to touch her without Max’s permission, Casey despairs that she’ll ever have them both again. Casey’s education into her new taboo lifestyle isn’t over yet, but her two favorite Doms might need a little educating of their own. Casey's Secrets is the first novella in Ophelia Bell's kinky "Rebel Lust Taboo" series. It's a short, steamy read with an HEA.
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