Candidly Yours
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Candidly Yours by Reese Ryan

He's not into commitment. She’s looking for forever. But neither of them can deny the sizzling attraction between them. Layla St. John has the talent, creativity, and drive to start her own clothing line. What the big-hearted entrepreneur lacks is the capital. So when a celebrity photographer offers to connect her with investors if she’ll let him feature her in his photography series about Caribbean carnival culture, it’s a deal she can’t refuse. But Layla can’t help being attracted to the brilliant artist. Too bad he’s her little brother’s former best friend and way too young for her. Quincy Johnston has spent the past ten years making a name for himself as a photographer and avoiding complicated relationships. But when an impromptu trip to his small hometown, Pleasure Cove, leads to a chance encounter with the woman he's been crushing on since he was a kid, Quincy gets a taste of the deep connections he's been missing. Can Layla and Quincy move past their relationship fears and take a chance on turning their short-term, secret fling into a shot at forever?
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