Calling Kupid: A Hawaiian Island Romantic Suspense Novel (Kupid’s Cove Book 1)
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Gideon Armstrong has it all. Money, prestige, and a whole load of regrets. His biggest one? The woman he’d turned away from his bed last Valentine’s Day. Chivalry had been his intention, but her hauntingly beautiful eyes told him he’d done the exact opposite. He would love to make it right, but one-night stands never leave their name or number.

Sometimes, Cupid works in mysterious ways…

The last person Kate Kupid expects to walk into her office is the sexy older man who had broken her heart nearly a year ago. Standing before her, Gideon swears she misread the situation and begs for a second chance to prove he’s not who she thinks he is.

But fate doesn’t always play fair…

As their connection deepens and their feelings flourish, danger lurks in the shadows. Someone wants them dead, and it’s up to Gideon to find the hunter before a vengeful arrow takes Kate from him forever.

*This is not Christian romance*

Inclusions: Heroine has congenital heart disease
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