Cabin Boy (His Piratical Harem Book 1)
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I’ve never been what I was supposed to be. Wealthy sons of Port Governors aren’t supposed to be ejected from the British Navy after less than a year, they’re not supposed to like pulp romances or daydream about the handsome heroes of the stories instead of the heroines.

When my Father issued me an order to marry a woman, I knew I had no choice but to make my own way in the world, and I found a berth on the first ship out of Jamaica.

I didn’t mean to join a pirate ship, and I certainly didn’t intend to find myself the cabin boy to an incredibly charming Pirate Captain. Or that I’d also be attracted to the mysterious First Mate, or that both of them would show me all sorts of unspeakable and salacious pleasures while on board. How can I choose just one of them when I want both?

In addition to confusion on board the ship, there’s also enchanting genderfluid merfolk, a cat which seems to understand a lot more than it should, an unseasonable storm and a sea witch with a serious grudge... and with all these complications, I am definitely in over my head.


Come and meet the crew:

Gideon: an innocent with a lot of forbidden desires and a lot of love to give
Tate: a huge, muscular ship’s captain with a sweet side
Ezra: a dominant and closed off first mate
Ora: a genderqueer, curious and affectionate merman

Cabin Boy is a male/male paranormal gay harem romance featuring a naive hero with a gigantic heart (and anxiety) and one very smart ship’s cat. First-person pov. This book is the first in a series and is not standalone. HFN, with a HEA at the end of the series No cheating, high heat, lots of love.
All characters are 18 or older

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