Bring Me Back
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Bring Me Back by Karen Booth

“An exciting, sexy, and convincing dream-come-true."-Manic Readers Single mom Claire Abby is the glue that holds her dad and her college-bound daughter together, so when her journalism career takes a nosedive, she has to save it. Now the biggest interview of her life hinges on convincing a notoriously private man to spill his secrets. If only he wasn’t one of the sexiest guys ever… Tall, square-jawed Christopher Penman isn't simply a famous Brit. He was Claire's celebrity crush when she was a teen. In person, he’s as handsome, charming, and nerve wracking as she feared. Claire has no choice but to ask the tough questions, the ones he’s avoided for a decade, but Chris isn’t talking…he’s flirting. An improbable friendship forms. Then there’s a kiss…and an invitation…and ultimately, nights Claire once only dreamed of. But as they grow closer, she learns that Chris’s pain runs deep. When his heartbreaking history repeats itself, will Claire risk it all to save her love with the man she could never forget? "For every woman who had a teenage crush on a rock star and still secretly wishes her fantasy would become reality. Smart, sexy and fun, with enough realism that it could be you."-USA Today bestselling author Louise Bay
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