Bride for Elijah

Bride for Elijah by Kay P. Dawson


What does a wealthy, pampered woman from the city have in common with a simple Mountie on the frontier? Nothing—and that’s exactly why Miss Hazel Hughes decides they need each other.

Rose Lambert has grown up in the wealthy society of Ottawa, but longs for a life where people will respect her for who she is, and not what her family’s status can give them. After her fiancé leaves her reputation in tatters, she knows she needs to get away somewhere for a fresh start—somewhere where she will have a say in her own life.

Elijah Thorpe didn’t think he needed a wife, believing it wouldn’t be fair for a woman to marry a Mountie, only to be left a widow if something happened. But when Miss Hazel Hughes decides a man should be married, he soon finds out that she will get her way. Before he knows it, he has a woman on her way out to to British Columbia to become his bride. When they meet, he soon realizes the woman he’s been bound to isn’t quite what he’d expected.

What will happen when two strangers are brought together, unsure of their decision to marry? And when the past catches up and threatens to destroy the shaky foundation they’ve started to build, can their love withstand the forces trying to keep them apart?

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