Breathing Without Air
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Breathing Without Air by Vivar Sinaire

Maritza Rousso, a resident of a suburban, medium-sized coastal town who also works in the adjacent city, is seeking love again after being widowed for over six years. Her two-decade-long marriage, coupled with the perceived rigidity of society, led her to suppress numerous closeted desires. However, she soon discovers that she is not alone in her heightened sexuality as she embarks on a journey to find her forever love. In her own words, " is as if she had been Breathing Without Air all this time." The cast of characters has been compared to the chemistry of the hit TV show, "Friends" (unintentional but a wonderful accolade.) Description: A captivating love story, passion, and self-discovery. Follow Maritza, a modern professional, as she seeks out her new love in the modern dating world, She needs a change and wants to give and feel love again. The main character is a modern professional in her forties or fifties who has been a widow for far too long. With help of her supporting cast, who will make you scream with laughter and sob with heart, from romance to suspense, humor to fantasy, this adult romance will have you emotionally invested, laughing, and feeling the thrill of her lusts. Prepare for twists, surprises, and a journey that challenges. Join Maritza on an unforgettable, sometimes sexy, journey. " Breathing Without Air " will be difficult to put down. Some call it a love story, some call it a romantic comedy and some gush with lust along with the main character but all say, "it's a must read". The book easily falls into the category of Adult Romance within women's fiction, encompassing elements of romantic-comedy, suspense, erotica, mystery, humor, and fantasy. (Please note: Adult Content)
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