Bound by Fate (Cauld Ane Series – Tenth Anniversary Editions Book 10)
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18+ for language and sexual situations…

Isla Gunnach
I am the daughter of royalty. A princess, if you will. But I have no interest in a prince to vanquish my dragons. I’m quite capable of doing that all by myself. I am, however, looking for my equal. A man who doesn’t simper at my feet, or try to use me to get to my father or my uncles.

The problem is, when such a man crashes into my life, I find him to be insufferable and infuriating.

Arric Mann
I’m a nomad. I have no family, no home. Just a series of tragedies that have shaped the man I have become. When I find myself drawn to Scotland, I am propelled into a world I am not prepared for. One of ancient lore and fairy tales.

But I also find her. And she is about to ruin the last semblance of sanity I have left.

The Oath

The end of an epic story centuries in the making, the remaining travelers set forth long ago, square off against enemies thought long dead. Join our heroes as they attempt to vanquish the evil forces that could change the course of history itself.

The Oath is the finale in a series of short stories in the Bound by Time collection, available exclusively in the Cauld Ane Series Tenth Anniversary Editions.

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