Bonded Free
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Bonded Free by Victoria Christine

Theo Whitt has been running moonshine since he was a boy. His father taught him, and his grandfather after that. He takes pride in the family history that comes with the timeless Appalachian skill. After marching into the Tin Room, he never expected to find the kind of woman, and wolf he could bring home to his treasured family. Raymie Lambert owns the local bar and is used to the lonely life that comes with that. She gave up on finding her mate long ago until Theo struts into the Tin Room. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and a glint in his eye, and Raymie isn’t prepared for the way he breathes new life into her stagnant days. Will Theo be able to prove he’s worthy of Raymie’s affection? Will Raymie be able to hold onto her legacy or will she lose it when she gives in to her instincts? Will Theo and Raymie be able to carve out their own path from the old-school, Appalachian traditions?
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