Blurred Lines
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Blurred Lines by Ajme Williams

Picture this: your estranged father has passed away. He left you a sprawling vineyard, two bitter relatives… And three best friends who will do anything for their late friend. Including taking care of his lonely heir by any means necessary. I had a beautiful, exciting life before all this happened. I was a plus-size model, and I didn’t want for anything… or at least, I managed to lie to myself about it. But the moment I step foot in Emberton, everything changes. Because that’s where I meet them. Finn Landry, the tall, athletic and charming architect, suffered a tragic loss years ago. But maybe I’m exactly what he needs to heal his wounds from the past. Caeleb Wilder is a rugged yet sophisticated chef who used to work with my father. His diverse palette makes me want to taste every flavor in the world. And Silas Blackwood, a high profile investment banker with a passion for stargazing, who inspires me to work hard and stay determined. They say bad things come in threes… But what happens when those three get you pregnant with no clue who the father is?
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