Blood Tears
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Blood Tears by Sasha RC

Ty Crime, Violence, and Misery Three things I know very well. O promised myself that I would never let anyone get close to me. But then I saw her. Lyric. I have watched her for years and I can't deny my need for her, my desire. I need to protect her at any cost. I have killed for her, tortured for her. There is nothing I will not do to keep her safe. She is mine, she has always been mine. If she dies, I die. If she lives, I will live with her. Her husband thinks he owns her. He has no idea who I am. But he is about to. Things you need to know about Blood Tears -Mafia vibes -Touch her and Die -Revenge -I will burn the world for you -Possessive -Dominant -Primal -Masked morally gray MMC -Stalking -DV -Praise kink This is a dark romance standalone. Please read TWS and CWS inside the book. This is the second book in the Tears Duet, you don't need to read Silent Tears to read this book, but it is highly recommended you do so.
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