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Blake by Nyssa Kathryn

A past that can’t be changed. A future as uncertain as their relationship. Willow Foster has been a single mother for most of her young daughter’s life, ever since the girl’s father—a man Willow thought she’d be with forever—inexplicably disappeared. Now, just as mysteriously, he’s back, living in Cradle Mountain, Idaho. Blake has always been her weakness, and while she’s no longer willing to risk her heart, Willow relocates so her daughter can build a relationship with the father she barely knows. She can only pray she doesn’t lose part of herself in the process. Blake Cross’s life changed for the better when he learned he was having a daughter. Then, two years later, it changed for the worse when he was kidnapped and separated from his family. Finally free, his priority is his child…and her mother. Blake may no longer own her heart, but he still cares deeply for Willow. He can’t change their past, but he can promise a better future. Or can he? When Willow’s life is threatened on more than one occasion, both their futures are a lot less certain, forcing Blake to risk everything to protect the mother of his child—and the woman he never stopped loving.
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