Billionaire’s Unexpected Bride
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“The rules have been broken,” he says. “We can’t pretend like they haven’t.” I don’t break rules. EVER. 1. NEVER mix business with pleasure. 2. DON’T put my job in jeopardy. 3. Absolutely do NOT fall in love with a client. Guess I should say . . . I didn’t break them, until I met my new billionaire client, Drake Slade. Arrogant, rude, hated by everyone in town, and 100% NOT my type. The day my perfect LA life was uprooted to move to middle-of-frickin’-nowhere Colorado was the day I was convinced my life was over. Raise and promotion be damned, what good is it if the only place in town is a Dollar Store? But here I am, wearing a denim skirt and cowboy boots, rootin’ and scootin’ my way around town, and square dancing my way into Drake’s bed. Don’t worry, I have a plan. Sort of. He’s just a little distraction to make my time here pass. After I get the town to love him, I can move back to LA. Now I just need to convince my heart . . .
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