Billion Dollar Lie
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Billion Dollar Lie by Linnea May

I have everything—money, power, and a coveted position among the elite. But to secure my place in the exclusive Vanguard Society and clean up my tainted reputation, I need a fiancée at my side—and I need her fast! When Kat stumbles into my life at an elite nightclub, I know she's perfect for the job. Beautiful, smart, and fiercely independent, she’s down on her luck and in need of a financial lifeline. One million dollars is all it takes for her to play the role of my fiancée. No strings attached, no feelings involved—that should be easy enough, right? But Kat isn’t just a pawn in my game—she’s a woman with secrets of her own, secrets that could change everything. Our fake engagement becomes a thrilling game of passion and power, as we navigate the treacherous waters of high society together. When unforeseen dangers threaten to expose our charade, I risk losing not just my place in the Vanguard Society, but also the woman who’s become essential to my heart. I can't lose this game, but more importantly: I can't lose her. Can we turn this relationship into something real before it's too late?
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