Bet On It: An Age Gap Billionaire Office Romance (High Stakes Book 1)
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Being a billionaire had become boring until a stranger showed up to a conference and spiced things up...


Curvy, sassy, and dangerously younger than me...


Analyn was everything that a former hockey player needed to stay away from. 

I was used to women falling all over me.

But Analyn’s pretty mouth that never shut up was still tempting.

Especially when she made a bet I couldn’t resist.


Analyn had no idea she was setting herself up for failure.

Little Miss Sassy came back to me, this time looking for a job.

And I knew it was my turn to suggest a wager.


Our one-night stand had to be forgotten.  

But I couldn’t not notice that cute pencil skirt she’d wear to the office.


All eyes were on me... on us.

And my eyes were on the only woman I could bet would never trust me.

Or would she?


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“I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it.” ― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

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