Belonging Season
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Belonging Season by Carrie Lowrance

He was searching for somewhere to belong… Merrick Taylor is broken. All his life he was told he was a loser, a failure. Growing up with an absent father and a narcissistic mother was hard enough. Throw in a diagnosis of mental illness, and things even get worse. After a blowout argument with his family, he finally strikes out on his own, heading to sunny California. But he soon finds himself more lost and alone. She could be the family he needs… Hollyn Steele is a survivor of narcissistic abuse at the hands of her biological father. She met Merrick after joining a support group online. When they talk, she can literally feel his pain, and they quickly grow close. When the troubled young man disappears, Hollyn has no idea what happened. Until she gets a call that changes everything… Can Merrick overcome his past and become the man God has called him to be? Can Hollyn’s unconditional love open his guarded heart? When divine intervention and a loving heart work together, miracles can happen…
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