Bad Idea Billionaires Box Set Books
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With three billionaire book boyfriends this hot, who will you choose? The billionaire boss in need of a fake girlfriend? The billionaire surf tycoon widower? Or… The off-limits billionaire older man? TO LOVE The first time I saw him, another woman threw a drink in his face. That should have been my sign to run. As if I needed another one, he also turns out to be my boss. Who asks me to be his fake fiancée… TO WANT I shouldn’t want Finn Wheatley. But I do. And bad. Two years after his wife’s death, Australian Billionaire Finn Wheatley finds himself catching me as I literally fall from his desk into his arms. The stuff of fairytales, no? No. Because he’s so not ready to move on. Only I don’t know that. TO DESIRE Start with an Aussie billionaire silver fox boss who doesn’t think he deserves love. Add one penniless, off-limits woman ten years his junior. What do you get? A surprise pregnancy that binds them together. If you’re a fan of contemporary romance series box sets, love your billionaire alphas sexy, possessive, and ready to do anything for the women they love, this three book billionaire romance series box set collection is made for you. The Such a Bad Idea Billionaire Romance Series can be read in any order and introduce readers to the drop-dead gorgeous Wheatley Brothers, who feature in all three books. This is the Sydney Wheatleys complete collection. Next up, The Such a Bad Idea Billionaire Romance Series moves to the small town of Magnolia Shores in That One Night., That One Fling, and That One Mistake.
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