Back-Up Plan
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Back-Up Plan by Cara Porter

When Ari and Cassie first met, falling in love was not a part of the plan. Ari Graves used to command every room she entered. Earning the respect of her colleagues and superiors alike with her professional prowess, Ari is a rising-star at the talent agency. But when her bosses challenge her to step into a new role, she finds herself stretched too thin professionally and struggling to keep up the lies she has told about her personal life. Cass hasn’t been able to trust anyone since her manipulative ex ended their relationship. With an aversion to dating but a desire to make her now-engaged ex jealous, Cass is looking for cover. A chance encounter at a crowded bar turns into a clear and simple solution to both women’s problems. Faking a relationship for the next few weeks promises to put an end to prying questions and help them regain confidence while protecting their own hearts. But as their “relationship” progresses and they realize how much they have to learn from one another, each woman is left questioning if this chance meeting was actually destiny and how much of their feelings are fake.
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