Back to the 80s

Back to the 80s by Kerrie Flanagan

The 80s were the best decade and Blaine Reynolds is prepared to risk everything, including her heart, to prove it. Blaine Reynolds is the owner of, "Back to the 80s" a novelty shop that her deceased mother passed on to her. Eric Morales is a developer who intends to destroy it to build a new brewery. In a desperate attempt to save what she holds most dear, she makes a bet with Eric that she just needs 30 days to prove to him why the 80s were totally rad and that her store is worth saving. He agrees with no intention of losing. As the month goes on, Blaine immerses Eric into a world of Cabbage Patch dolls, classic video games and neon. But the two soon realize there may be more at stake than either of them originally thought. Can they win the bet and still not lose their hearts to each other?
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