Baby for Daddy’s Billionaire Bestie
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Working for dad’s billionaire bestie was a dream come true-until I became pregnant with my boss’s baby. I’ve always idolized Dr. Alexander Knight, but being his assistant isn’t what I imagined. He's a heartless billionaire, but if dad’s friends with him, there must be good in him… After a girl’s night, some guy tries to attack me but Alexander swoops in to rescue me. His strong arms around me and his piercing eyes seeing right through me… These butterflies I’m feeling shouldn’t be real, he’s twice my age and my boss. One heated ride home starts with me telling him to stop treating me like my dad and ends with me calling him daddy under the sheets. Now I’m worried my hero is holding my heart yet he’s everything I can’t have. Alex’s rivals threaten to ruin both of our careers by exposing our affair. If things couldn’t get any worse, I find out I’m pregnant…and he’s the dad.
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