Baby by my Best Friend’s Daddy: An Age Gap Enemies to Lovers Romance (Cavaliers Club)
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I like my men how I like my wine,
Tasty, full-bodied, and twice my age
… like my best friend’s dad.

I'm a dedicated nurse, and the responsible one (
So catching a ride after a night of drinking makes good sense.

Except when that ride is loaded silver fox Landon Leggatt.
ohdid I ride.

But afterward, the jerk acted like nothing happened between us,
And left me wondering if the sparks were only in my head.

I thought I’d gotten over him, until he hurts his ankle,
And my best friend calls in a favor for my professional help.

Now I'm stuck looking after this brooding grump (
And still pissed that he could forget me so easily.

But one look has my heart beating faster than his Ferrari,
His hand stroking down my arm gives me full body chills,
And I'm back in his bed again.

This was wrong on so many levels, and now I'm at a crossroads:
Lose him,
Or lose my best friend.

And things just got 
much more complicated,
Because now I have to tell my BFF a half-sister is on the way…

Baby by my Best Friend's Daddy is a deliciously steamy age gap standalone romance guaranteed to give you the ultimate tingles. No cheating and no cliffhangers, only a highly satisfying HEA for all!
This is the final book in the Cavaliers Club series, and each book can be read on its own with the other Cavaliers making appearances throughout.

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