Baby Bump
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Baby Bump by Sofia T Summers

It’s one thing to wake up in a hospital with zero memories. It’s another to have your hot doctor tell you he’s the father of your child. Ethan Lewis is every woman’s dream. So, I took about a second to believe every word he told me. Strong, handsome, and wealthy. He’s basically all the things that my ex is not. The ex that is sure to stir up trouble in my no memory La-La land. Ethan doesn’t care that we violated the rules when his fingers trailed down my jawline. The moment he held me is the only memory I really care about. But it’s only a matter of time until I remember all the forgotten moments. And that would be the moment of truth. Ethan’s secret would spill out this Thanksgiving... along with the legitimacy of the story my ex tells me. But I’m not the only one discovering a secret this holiday season. Christmas will bring a sweet little gift for Ethan, one that I thought I could hide from him forever.
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