Audrey’s Awakening
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Audrey’s Awakening by Kay P. Dawson

A marriage in name only. After losing her husband on the Oregon Trail, Audrey is being forced to go back home and marry a man her father has chosen. Still grieving her husband, and not wanting to leave her new home in Oregon, she makes the decision to marry a man who needs her help looking after his daughter - a marriage he has said will be in name only. Reid Wallace lost his wife during childbirth and has been raising his two year old daughter alone. His heart died with his wife, and he has vowed to never love again. The new couple will go up against a father determined to have the marriage annulled and take her home, illness, insecurity, and guilt as their hearts struggle with the new feelings they are uncovering. Will they be able to overcome everything that seems to be working to destroy the future they are building together? And, can they help each other heal the pain in their hearts, while finding a way to love again?
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